Kreeger Studio Use Policy
Audio Technology Program

1. Access to studio space is available 24/7 during the regular academic year to students enrolled in the ATEC program. Undergraduates that are currently enrolled in or have completed ATEC-311 and graduates after they have done two orientation sessions with the Studio Manager, will be granted access. Studio is closed to students during official holidays and official university closings. Summer schedule is subject to change.

2. Access to all studios is granted 24/7 to the Studio Manager, designated staff, and ATEC full-time faculty. Access is granted to adjunct faculty during their scheduled course times and by special arrangement with the Studio Manager and Program Director.

3. All reservations for studio use should be made online at least 24 hours in advance and a maximum of one month in advance. Courses already scheduled by the Registrar do not require a reservation. Reservations are limited to four hours per day per person. Any and all scheduling alterations (such as time extensions) must be approved by the Studio Manager and Program Director. Any reservation that exceeds four hours per day without prior approval will be cancelled without notice. 

4. Studio users should arrive on time for their scheduled reservation. If the user arrives 30 minutes late or more without prior notice to the Studio staff, his or her reserved lab time may be forfeited to another user. The Studio Manager and Program Director may limit studio hours for individuals in cases where scheduling/priority becomes an issue or if the studio policy is not being followed.

5. Access to equipment checkout for in-studio use is available 10:00AM – 2:00AM Monday through Saturday and 10:00AM – 10:00PM on Sundays during the regular academic year. Students always check out equipment from the Studio Manager or studio staff only. ATEC professors can use mics/equipment freely.

6. Equipment that is authorized to be taken outside of the Kreeger building is available for checkout/check-in Monday through Friday between 10:00AM and 6:00PM for a maximum of 24 hours during the regular academic year. Equipment checked out on Friday may be returned on Monday between 10:00AM and 6:00PM.

7. Food and drinks are prohibited in the studios. Only closed water containers may be brought in, and must remain away from gear and closed when not in use.  While food and drink are permitted in the lounge, the space must be kept clean at all times.

8. Students and faculty bringing external groups/bands/persons into the studios are responsible for behavior and use of facilities during their visit. Each member of the external group must sign the Audio Technology Program Consent and Release Agreement, which can be found here.

9. Studio doors must remain shut for studio security when no one is in the room. Equipment closets must remain shut at all times.

10. Studios must be cleaned and reset by the end of each session. Return gear to the appropriate place, wrap cables, hang headphones, zero board, throw out trash, etc.

11. Any equipment issues should be reported immediately using the Repair Form available in the ATEC Resources website.

12. Studios may only be used for academic and research purposes. Personal and extramural use of American University facilities, equipment, and supplies are prohibited as stated by university policies and procedures unless otherwise approved by the President, Provost, or CAS Dean.

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