About Me



Hello! I am Brandon Heimberg, a fourth-year student at American University. I am an impassioned public speaker, and an invigorated individual when it comes to international relations and business. I am studying International Relations and Economics. I am looking forward to making my impact on the world, whether it be through influencing policy, or running my own business to work for social good! I have always been a motivated individual, and I am someone who retains a focus on bringing up those around me.

As I continue my education at American University, I hope to build upon my knowledge of government and business to enable me to fulfill my goal of founding my own company and create lasting impact on the lives of others. I am currently working as a Transportation Coordinator, taking my senior capstone on International Business in Capitalism, and interning with Humans to Humans. I am excited to expand my skill set as I grow over the course of my academic and professional career.