About the Ensemble

C5 (The Capital Choral Conductor/Composer Collective) is a choral ensemble with a mission to help create and shape the next generation of choral performance in the Washington, DC area, and to push the boundaries of what is possible in a choral performance setting.

The ensemble is based on the C4 model from New York, which was founded 15 years ago when a group of musicians decided to start an ensemble dedicated to performing choral works from the last 25 years, and focussing more particularly of compositions written by members of the ensemble.  In the intervening 15 years, the organization has premiered over 100 new works by composers from around the world, won the coveted Chorus America/ASCAP Adventurous Programming Award, been the topic for a doctoral dissertation, and spun off half a dozen choruses around the country, including C3LA, The Inversion Ensemble, and Triad.

The ensemble was conceived in 2018 by Casey Cook, and quickly gained a roster of over 40 singers. We are composed of music faculty and staff from Catholic University, American University, the University of Maryland, Washington National Cathedral, Washington National Opera, The Choral Arts Society of Washington, and The Washington Chorus.  These professional musicians have come together to create a group that is designed to work hand in hand with composers, break out of the rigid mold of traditional choral performance, and experiment with new media and new opportunities to perform in non-traditional spaces. 

The ensemble has begun rehearsals for its first performances, and is looking for opportunities to perform and collaborate in the 2019-2020 season.