ZENV Lab Alumni

Lab alumni (last 5 years)

Graduate students:

Annastelle Cohen, MS Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biology Track

Thesis: Long-term molecular effects of developmental estrogen signaling manipulation in the zebrafish retina


Mikayla Crowley-Perry, Postbaccalaureate Student 2019 & Laboratory Manager 2021

Project: Zebrafish optomotor response and morphology are altered by transient, developmental exposure to bisphenol-A.

Current Position: Medical Student at Upstate Medical University College of Medicine.


Elizabeth Burch, MS Environmental Science 2021

Thesis: Spatial habitat parameters and effects of habitat fragmentation of hypotelminorheic fauna in seepage springs in southeast Washington D.C.


Melissa Kennedy, MS Biology 2019

Thesis: Photoreception and the role of serotonin in the photobehaviors of amphipods.


Cassie J. Rowe, Ph.D. Behavior Cognition and Neuroscience 2019

Dissertation: Using zebrafish to investigate cognitive deficits and vascular complications associated with type II diabetes.

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow at the Henry M. Jackson Foundation at Walter Reed Hospital, Department of Surgery


Jenna Wiegand, MS Environmental Science 2019

Thesis: Anatomical and behavioral effects of developmental exposure to decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5) and 2,4,6,8-tetramethylcyclotetrasiloxane.

Current Position: Ph.D student at University of California, Riverside


Kyle Laurie, Postbaccalaureate Student 2019

Project: Analyzing the impact of hyperglycemia on brain tissue using fast scanning cyclic voltammetry.

Current Position: Research Fellow at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration


William Jessup, MS Biology 2018

Thesis: Analyzing the health of the Anacostia River through zebrafish development and behavior

Current Position: Data and Reporting Analyst at Urban Land Institute


Karli Wensel, MS Biology 2018

Thesis: Physiological and behavioral effects of riluzole exposures in wt and sod1 mutant zebrafish

Current Position: Ph.D Student at Georgetown University


Emma Lucore, MS Biology 2018

Thesis: Effects of time to first feeding and opportunity to learn on the survival and growth of zebrafish (Danio rerio) larvae

Current Position: High School Biology Teacher at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School


Carly Clayman, Ph.D. Behavior Cognition and Neuroscience 2017

Dissertation: Behavioral and neurochemical effects of ethanol and caffeine exposure in juvenile and adult zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Thesis: The role of ethanol pre-exposure in ethanol-induced conditioned place preference (CPP) and reward pathways in zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Current Position: Data Analytics MS Student at Penn State


Rebecca Wilken, MS Biology 2017

Thesis: Anatomical and behavioral outcomes of toxicant exposure in the anacostia river: building a zebrafish (danio rerio) model of biological river health

Current Position: Senior Scientist at Exponent, Inc


Matt LeFauve, MS Biology, 2016

Thesis: Impacts of heavy metals on gross morphology and visual behavior in zebrafish

Current Position: Ph.D Student at George Washington University


April Meier, MA Biology, 2016

Thesis: A color processing review of the zebrafish retina


Mandy Ng, MS Biology, 2016

Thesis: The effects of chemotherapeutic drugs on zebrafish (Danio rerio) larvae

Current Position: Research Assistant at the University of Maryland


Ryan O’Donnell, MS Biology, 2015

Thesis: Large scale in vivo zebrafish screen of small molecule glutamate agonists

Current Position: Cardiovascular Engineering Research Lab at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA


Masha Reider, Ph.D. Behavior Cognition and Neuroscience 2014

Dissertation: Brain and behavior development in hypothyroid zebrafish

Current Position: Associate Director of Analytic Operations / Media Analytics at Conversant LLC


Zaid Tanvir, MS Biology, 2013

Thesis: ERG analysis of on-center bipolar cell function in glucose-treated zebrafish

Current Position: Working Group on New TB Drugs at TB Alliance


Chioma Aligbe, MS Biology, 2013

Thesis: Effects of the new generation hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier, Oxyvita™, on pial artery diameter in healthy rats (Rattus norvegicus)

Current Position: Product Characterization Manager at Emergent Biosolutions


Marco Pelli, MS Environmental Science, 2013

Thesis: Behavioral changes in adult guppies as a result of fluoxetine exposure

Current Position: Professor at St. Catherine’s Moorlands School


Recent undergraduate students:

Sofia Romero, BS Biology 2022

Avery Sherffius, BS Environmental Science, BA International Studies 2022

Rachel Bernardo, BS Public Health 2020

Senior Capstone: Transient developmental exposure to tributyltin (TBT) alters short-term visually guided behaviors and morphology in larval zebrafish (Danio reiro).

Current Position: Clinical Research Coordinator at Massachusetts General Hospital


Jeremy Popowitz, BS Biology, 2020

Current Position: Post-baccalaureate Researcher at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (Farrell Lab)


Angelo Barberio, BS Biology, 2020

Current Position: Medical Scribe at George Washington Medical Faculty Associates (COVID-19 Center)


Julie Delgado, BS Biology 2018

Current Position: Ph.D Student at University of Massachusetts


Elizabeth Schott, BS Biology 2018

Current Position: Senior Program Assistant at the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.


Hussain Khalfan, BS Biology 2018

Current Position: Director of Operations at Big Apple Visual Group


Erin Swartz, BS Biology, 2018

Current Position: Genetic Counseling MS Student at Rutgers University – New Brunswick


Undergraduate students:

Jill Dunn, BS Biology, 2021

Jude Zeino, BS Public Health, 2021

Erica Winston, BS Biology, 2020

Angelo Barberio, BS Biology, 2020

Christina Hwang, BS Biology, 2017

Erin (Ji Won) Shin, BS Biology, 2017

Matt Bunce, BS Biology 2017

Anisa Santiago, BS Public Health, 2017

Julia MacDougall, BS Biology, 2016

Emily Gerardi, BS Biology, 2015

Gabrielle Essix, BS Public Health 2015

Juana Cerna Sanchez, BS Public Health, 2015

Elizabeth Davidson, BS Public Health, 2015

Carly Slack, BS Biology 2014

Eli McComb, BS Biology 2013

Lila Reiber, BS Biology, 2013