There are a number of resources developed by organizations represented in the CRWG available to help inform thinking and action on carbon removal methods, policy implications, the possibilities for carbon removal in combating climate change, and more. Here you can find some of those valuable resources, as well as reports from the original convening of this group in 2018.

Carbon Removal Working Group Resources

The formation of the CRWG was sparked by the idea that environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs) need to play a guiding role in the thorough and informed societal assessment of the potential role of carbon removal in a strategic climate policy portfolio.

The Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy has launched an initiative to guide and sustain a dialogue within the US environmental and social justice communities about the potential roles of carbon removal in the context of broader climate response and to assist NGOs with the establishment of a technically sophisticated, values-driven framework to assess individual technological proposals.

This NGO engagement initiative began with a high-level meeting of US NGO representatives on September 6–8, 2018, at the Wingspread Conference Center in Racine, Wisconsin. The purpose of the meeting was to explore how the US environmental NGO community can engage with the rapidly evolving carbon removal conversation. The objectives of the meeting were to:

  1. Clarify, through expert presentations and discussion among participants, the implications of the 1.5ºC Paris target.
  2. Begin identification of common approaches and metrics to assess carbon removal technologies.
  3. Establish an ongoing network and conversation, with the intent of expanding the group into a standing community of engagement.

“How to Talk About Carbon Removal”

In September 2019, the Institute convened a workshop to discuss what will be needed for more robust society-wide consideration of carbon removal.

Read the Meeting Synopsis

“Engaging the U.S Environmental Community in Carbon Removal”

In September 2018, the Institute held a meeting to promote engagement on carbon removal within the environmental community.

Read the WingSpread Meeting Report

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