Hello! My name is Destané cherry. I hail from the beautiful state of North Carolina. I am currently a first year student at American University. I am studying Justice and Law with a concentration in criminal justice in the school of public affairs. In the future I plan to minor or double major in History. Growing up I have always loved watching crime shows and reading mystery books. My favorite Law and order of all time is Special Victims Unit (which is why I like law), but it was the show cold case that really got me interested in forensic science and criminal justice. As far as law goes, I am interested not only in criminal cases but learning about constitutional law as well. I am very passionate about service; in high school I enjoyed my time as an JROTC cadet. My plans while I am in college are to devote my time to volunteering, specifically at Homeless shelters. Homelessness and Hunger is something that has always been important issue to me. As a student in the SPA leadership program, I have chosen to instead put focus on racial injustice. While I am passionate about serving those who are less fortunate, race and law are very important to me as well.

I was raised by a single mother who worked hard to provide for me. I look up to my mother as a strong individual who never gives up, who strives to make everyday count and better than the last. My mother and all other strong women in the world are the kind of examples I wish to follow. I strive to work hard and go out into the world and become not only the best ‘person’ I can be but the best ‘leader’. We live in a world where it is up to generation after generation to make our world what it is. My goal in life is to work towards setting an example for generations behind me to follow. I want to work towards being the generation that actually does make a change; the generation that learns from the terrible mistakes of those before us. I want to work hard everyday so that I can achieve my dreams and goals.