Stay tuned

Although we did not publicize them here, we held pop-up online events in June and October.  Thanks to all who participated, and a special thanks to our session leaders:  Amanda Burcroff (Cambridge University) and Mean Michael Keynes (American University).   We don’t expect to hold any more events this semester, but we’re hoping to ramp-up our activities somewhat in the spring.  In the mean time, the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival and continue to offer online programs.

Closed for COVID-19; online opportunities are out there

As our regular participants know, we shut down for the season in early March due to safety concerns.  Although we are not presently equipped to operate a program online, opportunities are out there.  For example, the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival now offers a weekly webinar via Zoom.  They meet on Thursdays, and in order to accommodate kids around the world, they have three sessions:  7:00am; noon (in Spanish); and 7:00pm.  Each week’s activity is introduced by a video that’s posted a few days in advance.  See more information on their front page, or register.

Fall 2019 program is full

Registration for our fall 2019 program was briefly open, but we are now full.  However, drop-outs do occur, and so we maintain a wait list.  If interested in the wait list, or if you simply want advance notice of our future offerings, then please sign up.

We will meet on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 7:30 on the American University campus, starting September 10 and ending November 12, or possibly November 19 if we have to cancel any sessions.  We will skip October 8.  Registered participants will receive more precise location information.

Registration for Spring 2019 is open [Update: we are full]

DC Math Circle returns this spring.  Although we are full, spaces sometimes open up.  To register your child for the wait list, or to express interest in future seasons, go to our registration page.

  • Time: Tuesdays from 6:30 to 7:30, likely with pizza at 6:15.
  • Dates: January 29 through April 9.
  • Exceptions: We will not meet on February 19 or March 12.
  • Place:  On the American University campus.  Registered participants will receive more information.

Fall 2018 program is full

If you signed up, then expect to hear back from us in a couple of days.  You can still use our registration page either to put your child on the wait list, or to express interest in future offerings.