Who We Are


Jeffrey Adler, Professor of Mathematics, American University

While a graduate student, I worked for SESAME, a mathematics enrichment program for teachers in the Chicago Public Schools.  More recently, I have volunteered with the Michigan Math Circle and the Wayne County [Michigan] Math Teachers’ Circle and have served on the advisory board of Math for America DC.  In my day job, I teach various math courses at American University and do research in representation theory.  I’ve collaborated on publications with many other mathematicians, a Renaissance historian, and a high-school student.

Donna Dietz, Senior Professorial Lecturer of Mathematics, American University

Donna Dietz has loved math puzzles and games since she was in Middle School.  She completed her PhD at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York state. She has taught Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics in numerous collegiate institutions and lives with her husband and 3 sons in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Michael Keynes, Senior Professorial Lecturer of Mathematics, American University

As a graduate student in Mathematics at the University of Washington, I worked with middle school mathematics teachers in the Seattle area on professional development.  This sparked my interest in education and I did a post-doc in Education at the University of California at Berkeley.  I was one of the co-PIs on the Math for America, DC project, supporting strong mathematics students to teach in the DC public school district.  Most importantly, I am a math nerd and love spreading my enthusiasm about the topic.


Visiting Instructors

Daniel Ullman, Professor of Mathematics, George Washington University

Mark Saul


Jaime Miller, Associate Chair, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, American University

From a young age, I knew that I wanted to teach. At first I thought this would be at the primary level, but I have spent my entire career post-graduate school teaching mathematics at the college level. Simultaneously, I have worked at summer programs for elementary and middle school aged students and have tutored students in mathematics of all age levels. Sharing my passion for mathematics and inspiring that passion in others is something that I love to do! Last summer I directed a pilot program for seventh graders on American University’s campus. The students solved challenging problems and discussed topics that they would rarely see in school, much like a math circle. I look forward to having fun doing math on campus with the DC Math Circle!

In Memorium

Jacob Ward, Professorial Lecturer of Mathematics, American University

I was a founding member of the NYU Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Shanghai, where we worked in programs similar to math circles with young mathematically inclined international students. Prior to that, I taught in Simons-funded honours programs for high school students and worked in the Chicago SESAME program as an undergraduate. I lectured during this summer at Eastern High (D.C.) on number theory to 5th-8th graders – in an active learning style, of course! – which motivated my interest in operating a math circle here in the District. When I’m not teaching at American University, I create mathematical art and do research in algebraic number theory and geometry.