Program Assessment

Supplements and Soldiers primarily focuses on supplement education and fostering communication between soldiers and their commands. The program will be run over various social media such as: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with some YouTube. Nutrition educators will develop posts and videos targeting this population that will discuss various topics covering dietary supplements such as safety, different supplements, and identifying if a dietary supplement is necessary. Material development will come directly from proper sources. Nutrition educators and staff will be trained on how to use each social media to ensure correct posting. Posts will be 2 to 3 times per week, with the ability to increase as participation increases. 

Participant engagement will be measured by how many saw the post and interacted with the post. Comment sections and private messages will be monitored for any questions participants have. These will be counted as participant engagement. Nutrition educators will help develop weekly quizzes to allow for individuals to continually assess their knowledge. These quizzes will allow for pre and post assessment of the program. These quizzes will also allow the program to assess reach by how many participants take the quizzes weekly. Finally, we will ensure satisfaction of the program by releasing surveys once a month to those who have participated in the program. These surveys will be posted on social media, as well as privately messaged to those who are known to have participated in the program.



How can the program staff record online activity and program implementation to ensure continuous future participation?


How many service members were able to access the program? How many service members are there in your priority population?


Did participants feel they learned something through the program? How did program facilitators execute the social media engagement as it was intended?


How did service members react to the information they received/were provided with? What are contributing organization, community, social, or political aspects that can impact online participation?

Dose Delivered

How many posts were put out on each social media platform?

Dose Received

How many service members interacted with posts throughout the program?