About Me

I am currently pursuing a degree in Justice and Law and Psychology at American University.  Through the offices that I have held, the leadership program I have been accepted into, and the multiple conferences I have attended, I have developed an array of skills that make me very effective in a multitude of situations.

Around the age of 14 I started to babysit around the neighborhood and I started helping my mom with her floral business.  When I was 16 I began my first official job in a local restaurant.  The summer before starting college I worked a factory that makes commercial cookware, which taught me a lot about communication skills.  I am very determined in my studies and looking forward to continuing my studies with a career in law.

I have multiple skills including: analytics, ability to empathize, and working well individually as well as in a group.  My group in the leadership program freshman year planned a social action project to help refugees once they have arrived in the United States through a fundraiser.  In the dynamic of the group I believe I play a vital role in the keeping the group on task and push their ways of thinking to create a dialogue instead of a debate. I have personally hosted a blood drive on campus that exceeded expectations and was able to save over 100 lives.  This past year I studied abroad at University of Melbourne in Australia and was able to have so many amazing experiences.  Spring of 2020 I was able to intern at a sex offender treatment center, which has expanded my knowledge in psychology in law in a real world setting.