About Me


Hello, my name is Emily LoRusso. I am currently a student in my senior year at American University. I am pursuing a political science bachelors degree with a concentration in law and politics and a minor in legal studies. In my college career I have become a part of the SPA Leadership Program, DC Reads, AU student government, a TA for the United States Government and Politics course, Vice President of Philanthropic Service for Sigma Kappa, and a Pi Sigma Alpha Political Honor Society member.


I have a passion for law and am thrilled to be continuing my education after graduation at Seton Hall School of Law. Since the summer after my junior year of high school, when I took part in a two week intensive pre-law program through Marist College, I knew I wanted to become an attorney. I plan to have an open mind about what opportunities present themselves during my next three years in law school. I aim to end up practicing transactional law, either in a big firm, smaller firms, and or in house for a company. I am also interested in the rising data privacy area of the law in regards to the medical field as well. 


Being hands on is how I learn best. Physically practicing what I am taught gives me the ability to not only show my strengths on paper but also in real life situations. I will put my best foot forward and produce again and again. I not only want to grow on my own but also combine my efforts with others and work together towards a goal.


My time at American University has helped me grow and hone in on those strengths. Being in D.C has given me the opportunities to get real life experience, and I am confident in saying it has set me up for success in my future endeavors.