About Me


Hi, I’m Emily LoRusso. A current student at American University. I am pursing a political science major with a concentration in law and politics and a minor in legal studies. So far in my college career I have become a part of the SPA Leadership Program, DC Reads, AU student government, and am a TA for the United States Government and Politics course.

I have a passion for law and want to fulfill my dream of attending law school post undergrad. I have the determination and grit to tackle the field of law. The summer after my junior year of high school I took part in a two week intensive pre law program through Marist College. I learned the basics of law like writing briefs and contracts and also being able to read and analyze the language of law.

Growing up as a die hard Yankee fan I always knew I would end up working for them in the future. Combining my interest in law and love for the New York Yankees I am determined to become head legal counsel for the team. This dream being far away I want to gain as much experience as possible in the real world

Being hands on is how I learn best. Physically practicing what I am taught gives me the ability to not only show my strengths on paper but also in real life situations. I will put my best foot forward and produce again and again. I not only want to grow on my own but also combine my efforts with others and work together towards a goal.

My time at American University will help me grow these traits even further. Being in D.C will give me the opportunities to get real life experience, and I will be taking advantage of those opportunities. I want to leave a mark on the world, no matter how big or small.