Why I Want to Work in Politics

A question I get a lot is “Why aren’t you a science major?” It doesn’t surprise me that people ask. I bring up science in conversations whenever its applicable, and will often mention whatever study out of Nature or some other journal is currently catching my eye. Despite my inclination for science I am totally uninterested in majoring in science to many peoples’ surprise. My reasoning is fairly simple:

  1. I lack a mind for the minute details and repetitive precision required for a career in science. The lab life working with mice wouldn’t do it for extroverted Ethan Lipka.
  2. Science doesn’t lack good scientists. It lacks good representatives. The main thing science needs is more respect as an institution.

I want to assist science on an institutional scale. I want to help politicians and the public alike see what is so important about science. A lot of the problems we have in the world have solutions based in data if we cared enough to look. If we can get researchers more funding from our tax dollars we could be cure diseases faster and advance our economy through innovative technology.

So, I am majoring in political science, and doing everything I can to get ahead in politics to help science grow. I love to have informational interviews with practically anyone who will sit down with me. I am working right now for the Maryland Democrats for the 2018 midterms so I have a good application to apply for an internship on the hill.

By furthering myself and learning everything I can about politics I hope to someday be able to make a difference in government and serve the American people by serving science.