Hi, I’m Faith Boehm!

I am so excited to call American University my home while I double major in Political Science at the School of Public Affairs and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the College of Arts and Sciences . Currently, I am a second-year member of the SPA Leadership Program.

At my core, I want to help people. I am passionate about LGBT+, gender, economic and racial equality. In focusing on these issues, I aim to increase opportunities for those who have been neglected in the past. A point of emphasis for me is that diversity is important, but it is meaningless if there is little to no inclusion. Having different voices and backgrounds at the table can only strengthen the work and its impact.

I see my future involving public service. As I navigate my way through college, I look forward to exploring new opportunities. Whether it be through academics, internships, volunteering or engagement. I know my time here at AU, and in D.C., will open doors and broaden my horizons.