OpenStax: Openly licensed (free) college textbooks

Online Dynamics book by Matthew West with great animations


PhET Simulations


FalStad (educational applets)


oPhysics (Interactive Physics Labs)

Open Clipart

“Piled Higher and Deeper” (PhD) by Jorge Cham

xkcd webcomic

The Ig Nobel Prizes: achievements that make people laugh, then think

Helioviewer: a solar and heliospheric image visualization tool

JHelioviewer: visualization software for solar image data based on the JPEG 2000 compression standard:

SunPy: a community-developed, free and open-source solar data analysis environment for Python

International Heliophysics Data Environment Alliance: common standards and services for sharing data to enhance science.

Anaconda: a distribution of the Python and R programming languages for scientific computing

A gallery of interesting Jupyter Notebooks

“A Byte of Python” by Swaroop: tutorial on Python for beginners (free to download with option to buy)

High-performance Computing at American University (Zorro)

“Python Data Science Handbook”  by Jacob T. VanderPlas (free online with option to buy)

“Statistics, Data Mining, and Machine Learning in Astronomy” by Željko Ivezić, Andrew J. Connolly, Jacob T. VanderPlas & Alexander Gray

“Machine Learning” via Coursera by Andrew Ng (free to audit)

Neural networks and deep learning online book By Michael Nielsen (free)

Machine Learning Crash Course by Google Developers

Towards Data Science: platform to exchange ideas and learn about data

Data Science 2021 : Complete Data Science & Machine Learning on Udemy (paid)

Machine Learning Jupyter notebooks:

AstroML: Machine Learning and Data Mining for Astronomy

“Machine Learning, Statistics, and Data Mining for Heliophysics” (HelioML) by Monica Bobra and James Mason

Some papers:

Severe Space Weather Events –  Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts (The National Academies Press, free pdf file download)

PROSWIFT (Promoting Research and Observations of Space Weather to Improve the Forecasting of Tomorrow)  Act (2020)

National Space Weather and Strategy Action Plan (2019) from the National Science and Technology Council

National Space Weather Strategy (2015) from the National Science and Technology Council

National Space Weather Action Plan (2015) from the National Science and Technology Council