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A project by American University's HLTH-441/661-001 Class

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After a lengthy in-class discussion HLTH-441/641 determined a short-list of important health problems that AU students face each day. A health theory that we often reference in this class is the Health Belief model. Put simply, this theory says that people will change their health behaviors if they understand the following: the risk they are at, the barriers and benefits of making a change, their own self-efficacy (or belief they can change), and a cue to action. This website is intended to call AU students to take a more active role in their health. It is our hope that reading these pages will make them more aware of the health problems that they face, but also provide them with the skills and resources to protect themselves and create a healthier future.

Our Mission

To increase the AU community’s understanding of student health problems and encourage behavior change through an easy-to-use digital interface compiling resources and tips to move forward.

Our Values

  • Community
  • Empowerment
  • Accessibility

Based on our assessment of American University’s student health problems, our class decided that the following topics deserved to be highlighted in this project:

Healthy Eating

Sexual Health

Mental Health

Sexual violence

Interpersonal Relationships/Lonliness

Substance Misuse

Time Managment & Sleep


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Looking for more resources?

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