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How to protect your crops from birds and bats

Frugivore birds are known to cause damage and destroy fruit crops, which ultimately economically hurts the commercial value since a damaged fruit cannot be sold.  Shielding berries, cherries, and pears from flying creatures is fundamental to increasing the crop density per square meter and ensuring that maximum market value os met when selling into the fresh market. GUACAMALLAS is an anti bird netting which can be re-used throughout numerous crop cycles and comes ready in the form of a roll for easy application over the crop. An important thing to note is that GUACAMALLAS does not hurt the creatures and it is not intended to capture them, as it is simply a barrier protecting your crop.

Bird netting is likewise very easy and useful to control pigeons and goes about as a truly powerful boundary in rooftops, galleries, and patios.

Plastic Agricultural Nettings

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