My year away, 2015-16

Here are some terms that appear in the unexpurgated version of my report on my sabbatical leave:

  • allegation of fraud;
  • Ohio Department of Commerce;
  • “Defund Mizzou”;
  • suspending him by his feet from a hotel balcony;
  • blown off by a passing helicopter;
  • who are you going to believe, a man on a mountain, or some doctor?;
  • loud enough to shatter glass;
  • cause a wheelchair to flip backwards;
  • world’s longest airport slide;
  • ceramic technicians;
  • the vampire who is stalking them all.

Unlike during my previous sabbatical, I didn’t keep any sort of online diary, since Facebook now exists. But apart from the fact that I was fortunate to meet with several alumni, many professional and non-professional friends, and some family, here are some other highlights.

During the fall semester, I was the inaugural Paul Halmos Visiting Professor at the University of Michigan. While there, I studied their teaching methods, and did some math.

During the spring semester, I went overseas.