About Me

Hello! My name is Jenny Rodriguez and I am currently a freshman at American University. I am studying Political Science in the School of Public Affairs. Coming from Orange, NJ, local politics has become a passion of me, specifically in the area of public education. Having the first-experience of seeing how politics affect every single person in a small town, I look to seek change for the entire nation. I learned that the impact of one person or one piece of legislation can ripple its effect from Orange, NJ to Washington, DC.

Through my various leadership positions throughout high school, I have learned that my ability to assess a situation and come up with solutions is a strength that I look to implement during my time in DC. As a youth leader and Religious Education teacher, I realized the importance of having a mentor where I was able to become one for younger children in my neighboorhood. I also participated in other organizations such as the National Honor Society where I was awarded the National Scholarship. I developed a love for tutoring where I tutored at a local elementary school as well as in my high school. However, I desired to help more children, specifically those who struggle with the English language. This has helped me to develop my own tutoring sessions where I tutored students from K-6. I am continuing my work as a D.C Reads employee.

As a student at American, I am able to exercise my leadership skills in my everyday life.  I am an AU Ambassador as well as a leader in the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program where I am focusing on Education and Empowerment. My goals for the future are simple: to succeed at everything I set my mind to and to find happiness in my life. I would like to fulfill my goals as a staffer on Capitol Hill and the skills I have developed so far, and will develop in the future, are what will accomplish my goals.