About Me


I am a student at American University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in an Interdisciplinary Degree in Communication, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government (CLEG). As a participant of the School of Public Affairs Leadership Programme my peers and I will be spending the next academic year executing a social action project. For this project, my social issue group and I will research and educate our school on divestment with the aim of reducing global warming.

After spending ten years studying in Singapore and Hong Kong I have learnt conversational Mandarin. I am active in American University’s language exchange programme which will further advance my Mandarin skills. I hope to become fluent by the time I graduate.

Moving to the United States from Singapore, Hong Kong and London means adaptability has become one of my strengths: I am able to fluidly acclimate and thrive in unfamiliar environments. Moreover, forming new relationships each time I move has allowed me to master individualization and relationship building: I am skilled at establishing people’s strengths and can delegate work accordingly to maximize productively. Importantly, I am able to resolve conflict and ensure my peers and I are working effectively. I will utilize these skills throughout my undergraduate career and eventually law school where I plan to specialize in human rights.