About Me

Hi! My name is Karla Santillan.
I am a freshman at the American University in the School of International Service (SIS), majoring in International Relations and Economics as well as Advanced Leadership Studies.

As a member of the American University’s School of Public Affairs Leadership Program, I am currently involved in research about Immigrant and Refugee Rights. ┬áMy group and I will utilize our resources in a social-action project next semester. This issue resonates with me strongly because my parents are Ecuadorian immigrants. Growing up, I saw my family struggle to adjust to life in the United States, giving me a multicultural perspective of the world. My parent’s story caused me to learn a valuable lesson: the only way out of adversity is hard-work.

Along with being a hard worker, I pride myself on my ability to empathize with others. Empathy is a leadership trait that is often underrated, but its role is paramount. By bringing sense and comfort to others, I can form meaningful relationships that allow me to effectively lead. Through hard-work and empathy, I plan to achieve my future goals of becoming a leader in Fair Trade for Latin America. Specifically benefiting the indigenous women in the Andes mountains, this issue resonates with me strongly because of my Quechuan ancestors.