Welcome to Learning by Leading™ at American University

Learning by Leading™ fosters student leadership through the cultivation of community based projects that highlight how policy is transformed into action. One initiative with many projects, LxL acts locally while thinking globally. Students are immersed in solving real-world problems right on campus.

Our signature project is AU Edible Campus.  Cultivating urban resilience, the AU Edible Campus project addresses sustainable development goals through the creation of an edible campus landscape. Mentored by a professor but led by students, Edible Campus is at the foundation of all our LxL projects. In addition, there are three other complementary projects: “Comfortable Campus”, “Rally in the Alley”, and the most recent addition “Socio Lab: COVID-19” which looks at the wider socio-cultural landscape of the global response to COVID-19. 

We are committed to transforming student ideas into actions that impact AU and beyond. 

We are student leadership. We are Community Development. We are Policy Into Action.

LxL Response to COVID-19: Socio-Lab

The infographic above shows the relationship between policy and action.

As AU has gone fully online and we curtailed our outdoor urban resilience and agricultural work, so we refocused Learning by Leading™ and formed a “rapid response” research team. Called the “Socio Lab: COVID-19,” the focus of this project is on sharing and understanding the social context. Help us understand cross-cultural issues and impact of new social policies. Please contact us with ideas, articles, insights and postings related to your life. 

Call to action: We need you! Please share in “Latest Posts” on the Sociolab and Edible Campus 

We want your photos, articles, links, music, art, ideas – anything about what your life is like now – with as broad and global a base of information as possible to maintain our goals of diversity and inclusion! Thank you!!

– the LxL Team and Dr. Jerri Husch

A Visual History of Pandemics

An article by Nicolas LePan in collaboration with Visual Capitalist

What Would Ants Do?

Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker discusses the lessons we can learn from nature: Superorganism Social Strategies for Beating the Bug