Welcome to the Learning by Leading Initiative™ at American University!

Using a collaborative approach to student-run projects, LxL at AU focuses on a theme of Policy Into Action. Our foundational project is the AU Edible Campus Project, and we’ve expanded with the Comfortable Campus and Rally in the Alley, working to improve the campus as well as relationships in the community and with the environment.

Our website serves both to inform about our projects but more importantly to get others involved, and so is very participant-driven. If you’re a member of the AU community, please check out the AU Community page if you’d like to share your story!

Update in Response to COVID-19

As AU has gone fully online and we have to curtail our urban resilience and urban agricultural work, we have restructured the Learning by Leading initiative to form a “rapid response” team. We now have a “Socio Lab: COVID-19” focused on doing sociology research on the social context, cross-cultural issues and ethnographic impact of “social distancing” policy. Please contact us with ideas, articles, insights and postings related to this. We are seeking as broad a base of information and data as possible (structured statistical and unstructured “ethnographic” data). Please use learningbyleading@american.edu to send materials and contact the team. Thank you!!

– Dr. Jerri Husch

A Visual History of Pandemics

An article by Nicolas LePan in collaboration with Visual Capitalist

Check out other articles on the Socio-Lab page

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