About Me


My name is Murat Alpa and I am currently a junior attending American University in Washington, DC. I am from the New York Metropolitan; proudly from both New York and New Jersey.

At American University, I am majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies which consists of the fields of Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government, while having a concentration in economics. During my time in college, I am the Treasurer for American University’s Turkish Cultural Club as I handle the financial allocation of the club and work with the university to coordinate events for the club.

Since my first semester at American University, I have worked for the Eurasia Center and the Turkish Coalition of America, as a research assistant and intern respectively.  At the Eurasia Center, I was able to conduct research on Middle Eastern affairs, such as the high inflation rate on the Turkish lira.  Additionally, I worked on gathering information for the organization in regard to finances and financial institutions throughout the Eurasia area, mainly by looking at monetary policy.

During my third and fourth semesters at AU, I have been working with the Turkish Coalition of America and their outreach to the Turkish American community as well as to Congressional members.  I have used software such as Quorum to gather information on Congressional members and their staffers in order for the organization to effectively reach out while creating a website for the organization’s first annual Turkish American Women Leadership Forum.

Working for the Turkish Coalition of America has allowed me to realize how important community outreach is, so in the future, I hope to give back through working for an organization such as the New York City Economic Development Corporation, the Federal Reserve Bank in New York,  etc.