About Me

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CREDIT: Alyssa Schukar for The New York Times

Hello, I’m Muna! I am currently a freshman at American University, located in Washington, D.C. Originally, I am from Northern Virginia, and I currently live here, so my whole life, I’ve seen all the amazing things that occur in the D.C. area and couldn’t be more excited to attend school there!

I am currently pursuing a degree in Data Sciences for Justice, Law, and Criminology. I am also working towards a certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies through the School of Public Affairs. Studying Data Science allows me to comprehend the analytical themes behind the law and justice system. It will equip me with the analytical and statistical skills needed to collect, manage, and use data to support decision making and discoveries.  Pursuing my studies about something I am so passionate about and possessing the needed hard skills inspires me to be a better leader and activist and provides me with the tools necessary to make a change.

When I was ten years old, I watched one of my favorite movies, The Great Debaters. I was inspired by the students who came from an unheard-of Black college and challenged Harvard’s prestigious debate team. This is what really sparked my passion for law and inspired me to be a lawyer. After college, I hope to go to law school or work for a government agency (or even do both simultaneously). Although I am very interested in law and always have been, I hope to pursue a career in the intelligence field as well. Having an interest in both Intelligence and law, I feel that I diversify myself. With my degree, I would like to pursue a career that incorporates both areas.