About Me

Thank you for visiting my page!

I am a second-year student at American University pursuing an Interdisciplinary Degree in Communication, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government. I am a part of American University’s Honors Program as well as the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program. Last year, as a part of the Gender and Sexuality Issue Group, I organized a Consent Campaign that reached over 150 students. My team was able to foster intersectional¬†


conversations with our peers about “what consent means to them” and how we can create a more consensual environment on campus.

This year, I serve as a first-year teaching assistant for the Environmental Sustainability Issue Group. I look forward to working with this amazing group of students from all over the country (and the UK) to bring an event to campus that not only benefits the environment in our immediate area but develop a sense teamwork and assist them in coming into their own as leaders.

In addition to my on-campus involvement, I serve as a council member on the International Youth Leadership Council (Advocates for Youth). As a council member, I research international reproductive health policy and work with my fellow council members to bring advocacy events to our campuses.