About Me

A Rising Professional in Foreign Policy, Diplomacy and National Security

As a Sophomore in The School of International Service at American University, I am looking to  solidify my place within the global conversation. As such,  I am looking for challenging and intimidating opportunities to broaden my perspective and push my skills.

If I had to describe myself in one word, that word would be resilient. Over the last year I worked for the National Commission on Military Aviation Safety. Despite having little to no knowledge of military aviation, I learned, adapted and contributed quick enough that when WHS canceled all internship programs in response to the pandemic, my commission found a way to hire me. I was brought back on as a Data Analyst through a contractor.

Currently, I am taking on a Congressional Internship and in the next year I see myself pursuing research and internship opportunities centered around the military and defense readiness through technical investment and intelligence. A recent policy area of interest has been space diplomacy and the development of contemporary space commercialization and militarization.