About Me

Emerging Defense and Security Professional

As a Senior in The School of International Service at American University, I am beginning to  solidify my place within the global conversation. So far, I have challenged myself in fields like military aviation readiness, military strategic foresight, and defense/intelligence affairs in Congress.

If I had to describe myself in one word, that word would be resilient. Over the span of an entire year, I worked for the National Commission on Military Aviation Safety. Despite having little to no knowledge of military aviation, I learned, adapted and contributed quick enough that when WHS canceled all internship programs in response to the pandemic, my commission found a way to hire me. From interning in Congress to working abroad at the Belgian Royal Military Academy, I have continued to spread my wings and prove my resilience.

Recently, I joined a project sponsored by the US State Department to study the impacts and reach of Russian propaganda/media in Finland. Given this opportunity, I have grown my open source research skills and developed a passion for virtual targeting and human intelligence. Moving forward, I am seeking opportunities which grow my institutional awareness of US government agencies and provide training for analytical/targeting skills.

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