About Me

I am a Senior at American University, majoring in Biology and minoring in Music Performance. I lead the study on the Multiple Myeloma research and assist the Squamous Cell Carcinoma research at the cancer┬álab in the Biology Department. I currently volunteer in the White Matter Clinic in the Neurology Department at Children’s National Medical Center. I am working with the White Matter Team on the Labrune Syndrome and Coats Plus Disease family conference that is in November.
“Seibutsugakusha” means “Biologist” in Japanese. I came to the United Staes when I was 10 years old, and I pride myself in my Japanese heritage and culture that I still practice in the U.S.
In fall 2019, I am starting on my Master’s Degree in Biology at American University where I will continue my research on multiple myeloma cancer and obesity.



Image from Phi Delta Epsilon