About Me

Hello, I am Maria Slava Prymak. 

Originally from Hershey, Pennsylvania, I am a second-year student at American University, pursuing a BA in Public Relations and Strategic Communications with a minor in International Relations.

In my first year with the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program, I worked alongside my peers to better understand how the typical understandings and common portrayals of gender roles and conventions contribute to the development of unhealthy, abusive, and toxic relationships. Many continue to struggle with confronting the reality of an unhealthy relationship, therefore, the need for open, honest dialogue, decisive action regarding toxic relationships, and domestic violence as a legitimate public health concern has become one of my most passionate priorities.

Aside from my involvement at American, my lifelong passion is figure skating. I have been a competitive figure skater since the age of five, competing in state-wide and national competitions. Recently, I became a Triple Gold Medalist in ice dance, free dance, and moves and the field. One of my favorite accomplishments is that I was featured in Skating Magazine as part of the graduating seniors’ program.