About Me



My name is Olivia Gauvin. I am currently studying Political Science at American University, and I am a member of the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program. Displayed on my page are photos that have significant meaning to me; I am an adventurer at heart, and I have had the utmost privilege to travel much of the world before I began my university studies. For example, I spent much of my winter in Europe studying the history of WWII, and much of my summer in the Middle East studying the Israeli and Palestinian conflict.

In fifth grade, I wrote in my little yellow journal that my life goal was to “seek to understand,” and so far I have made it my mission to implement that goal into my everyday life. I feel that much of my purpose is founded in serving others, and I aim to one day serve others in my job and daily life. I am an extremely dedicated worker and hold endless value in education, for both myself and others. Though it may seem counterintuitive to my previously stated goals, I hope to never fully understand so I can continue to live a life of discovery.