Paola Quinones

American University

4400 Massachusetts Ave NW,

Washington, DC




  • American University College of Arts & Sciences BS in Biology


  • Fluent in Spanish and English
  • Experienced in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint


  • Shadowed Dr. Carlos Díaz                                                                     August 2018
    • Radiologist – Manatí, PR
    • Went to his clinic to see how a radiologist does the diagnosis process
  • Worked as a UTA in Bio 100                                                         Fall Semester 2017
    • Assisted Dr. Salcedo – American University
    • Helped students with lab techniques
    • Explained students class material
    • Aided Dr. Salcedo in organizing lab material
    • Learned how to transmit what I know to others
  • Worked at CDT Naguabo (Emergency Trauma Center)                            June 2016
    • Naguabo, PR   
    • Rotated with different doctors at the clinic and saw different areas of medicine
    • Went to various surgeries and consultations with patients
    • Learned how to manage an emergency trauma center
  • Shadowed Dr. García Rinaldi                                                                       July 2016
    • Cardiovascular Surgeon – Mayagüez, PR
    • Went to all open heart surgeries
    • Learned about the cardiovascular system
  • Shadowed at Busquets Plastic Surgery                                                    July 2015, Dec. 2015-16-17
    • Dr. Antonio Busquets – San Juan, PR                                       
    • Went to all surgeries including breast reduction/augmentation/reconstruction, face lift, abdominoplasty, and liposuction
    • Went to patient consultations
    • Saw the Botox and lip filler procedures

Relevant Courses

  • Genetics
  • Organic Chemistry I & II
  • Physics I & II
  • Biology I & II
  • Neuroscience
  • Psychology