Sophia Auger Madden is a member of American University’s class of 2022. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Justice and Law and a Certificate in Advanced Leaderships Studies through the School of Public Affair’s Leadership Program.

Originally from San Jose, California, Sophia has developed a passion for social justice and advocacy through several experiences. She began exploring these subjects through high school immersion trips to Los Angeles and San Fransisco where she sought to better understand the realities of people experiencing homelessness. Once at American University, she completed a year-long research and social action project alongside six other students aimed at understanding the economics of addiction. Together, they raised $600 for Samaritan Inns, a D.C. based non profit which provides services to those dealing with addictions to help them reach and maintain sobriety.

Currently she serves as a Teaching Assistant for the first year SPA Leadership class guiding a team of six students through a research project concerning the cycle homelessness and affordable housing. As a second year student in the program, she is conducting research on the juvenile justice system and youth at risk. Sophia hopes to pursue a career within the realm of the criminal justice system where she hopes to improve the lives of others and create change within the community.