My Internship Experience

For the fall 2020 semester. I am completing a virtual internship at a non-governmental organization, Advocates Public Adjusting Firm, LLC. Public Adjusting Firm, LLC. The chief aim of Advocates Public Adjusting Firm, LLC. is to adjust insurance claims to accurately convey the damages to clients’ properties on behalf of contractors to receive the most coverage possible from insurance carriers. I am a Public Adjusting Intern for my supervisor, a lawyer who negotiates with insurance companies to get better deals for our clients. In this position, I introduce insurance companies cases, schedule inspections, maintain close contact with contractors, homeowners, and insurance companies, draft correspondence in all stages of the case, assess what actions need to be taken, and maintain the firm’s programming system. Additionally, I have been conducting a marketing project for the firm to recruit new clients. For this project, I am designing a Facebook Business Page for the firm and cold calling different contractors.

Interning for Advocates Public Adjusting Firm, LLC. is never boring. There are always new updates coming in, and people who need assistance. I am always on tight deadlines that I need to meet to move the cases forward properly. It is essential to have organizational skills to succeed in this internship. Before starting this internship, I became a more organized person, and I would say that I have been successful in this regard.

The Public Adjusting industry is very dynamic, which I did not expect at the start of my internship. The tasks vary often, and I have a very hands-on internship experience because one of my daily tasks is to assess what is necessary from my boss on every case in our system. Every day is different, and I am always learning new information. I have definitely become more adaptable in this position, and I feel more prepared to tackle the diverging demands.

In the next few weeks, I hope to complete my marketing project and build a foundation for the next intern at the firm to build off of.