About Me

Hello! My name is Saylor Hill. I am from Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania, however, I did not get fortunate enough to pick up the Pittsburgh accent. I have three younger brothers, so I’m used to living in a hectic environment! Along with three brothers, I have the cutest Boston Terriers named Winston and Clemintine Church-Hill. I have moved around more times than I can count so I am used to the adjustment. Moving to college was not that big of a deal because I was used to moving! However, moving from a town with brick roads to the wonderful city of DC was quite a change.

Right now, I am a sophomore at American University. I am studying History and Secondary Education. I plan to be a high school history teacher. I would love to teach any history but I absolutely love the WWII era and anything relating to other countries. I decided I wanted to be a teacher at the beginning of my freshman year of high school. It wasn’t until later in high that I narrowed it down to high school history. There are many reasons I would like to be a teacher. I went to a high that was not the greatest. I had few teachers who deeply care about their jobs and tried hard but I had a ton of teachers who didn’t care and it showed. I really made me sad to see the teachers who didn’t care. High school is such a scary time and students really need teachers who will pour into their lives. I wish I had more teachers who cared and were there to help me through situations in high school. I hope to be a teacher that can help students beyond high school. I would pour into their lives and care deeply about my job. I also want to make learning fun. I would use an arrangement of learning styles to make sure that each student is learning to their full potential.

Some strengths that I have is that I am extroverted, a good public speaker, and  I love being a leader. To start off with, I am extremely extroverted. I love to be around people, they energize me. I am a big people person and a big people pleaser. You can guarantee that I will be there when you need me. Along with that, I am a great public speaker. I actually love to public speak. Throughout high school, I got the opportunity to speak multiple times. I got to speak at my school, clubs I was a part of, and in my church. I can get up in front of a crowd without a problem. Another aspect of me is that I love to be a leader. In any chance I get, I will take charge. There were many opportunities in high school where I was leading and I will continue to do that. I hope to continue to work on these skills and others. I am in SPA Leadership to advance my leadership skills. I am by no means a perfect leader, I hope to continue to build upon my knowledge so I can be a better leader. By building on these traits, it will help me later in life at my job.

I like to fill my spare time with a variety of things. I love to work out. I weekly workout either by swimming, playing tennis, Zumba, or cycling. All of these I think are fun and keep me physically fit. Along with this, I love hanging out with my friends. Every day I have lunch or dinner with a friend and make sure to stay in close contact with my friends. Lastly, I love to babysit. I babysit frequently and it brings me joy. Above is a picture of me and a little boy I often babysit. He has three younger brothers and we all are very close! Please visit my LinkedIn by using the link below!




Have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading about me!