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The 24th SIS Undergraduate Research Symposium was held on Wednesday, April 21, 2021.  The links to the recorded panel discussions can be found below.  You can also click on the “Recorded Video Presentations” tab, above, to view and comment on the pre-recorded “poster session” presentations from the Symposium.

Please see below for a schedule of today’s panels along with the zoom links to access them.  Zoom links to the live sessions will be replaced with the link to the recording of the discussion after the session concludes.

Identity and Foreign Policy/National Security (11:30-12:20)
Zoom Recording: (Password: djt%SQ$1)

Research Papers:

Moderators: Lori Younisses and Jordan Park
Discussant: Dr. Aaron P. Boesenecker

Dara Wax: A Propagated Threat: The Enemy in the Eyes of the Islamic State

Theodora Mattei: From the Ashes of the Arab Spring: An Analysis of Europe’s post- Arab Spring Foreign Policy

Sofia Brockman: Russian Art Elite and Social Capital

Human Rights and Global Governance (12:30-1:20)
Zoom Recording: (Password: %S3r=0*j)

Research Papers:

Moderator: Dr. Aaron P. Boesenecker
Discussant: Dr. Robert Adcock

Katherine Olsson: Victims or Vandals: A Comparison of Traditional News Media and Social Media Representations of the 2019 Civil Unrest in Chile

Miranda Baumann: Ideological Schisms & Embedded Isms: The UN’s Framing of International Crimes

Houlton Dannenberg: Multinational Corporation Influence on Host Country Political Affairs: Renewed Imperialism in Africa

Peace, Global Security, and Conflict Resolution (1:30-2:20)
Zoom Recording: (Password: 114pq?nF)

Research Papers:

Moderator: Dr. Boaz Atzili
Discussant: Dr. Dylan Craig

Samantha Lucy: Drones and Escalation: The likelihood of Drones Affecting the US/China Military Relationship

Claire Mills: Economizing Environmental Security: A Thematic Discourse Analysis of Climate Change and America’s Climate Security Act of 2007

Corwin Dark: Prospects for Success in the Ongoing Afgan-Taliban Negotiations

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