About Me

Hi y’all! My name is Starrchild Jackson (yes, that is my actual name.) I was raised in a small town in southern New Jersey. I am currently a first year student at American University’s School of Public Affairs, majoring in Communications, Law, Economics and Government (CLEG). Ever since I was a young teenager I have had a passion and love for politics. I have worked for a number of political campaigns and served as an intern for the NJ Senate President. Working for members of both major parties, I have heard different sides of important debates and formed my own opinion on the issues.

My parents have inspired me to push myself outside my comfort zone and work hard at everything I do. I believe that life is full of opportunities waiting to be taken. Sometimes we limit ourselves to thinking that we’re not good enough or able to accomplish our goals but this is simply is not the case. I have had the opportunities of a lifetime and it is a personal goal of mine to show people that their dreams are waiting for them. The attribute I am most proud of is my ability to help someone see the best in themselves. As people we should be building each other up because when we do that there is just so much more that we can achieve.