Paula I Arraiza

Is City Living Worth It?

Type of Progym: Commonplace

Nowadays many people long for that fast-paced city-like lifestyle. It seems like young people, especially, dream of living in a metropolis such as New York or London.  Granted, I myself have always fantasized about living a busy life in a city where you’re less than likely to pass by the same person twice and the opportunities are endless. When fantasizing about city living, we tend to forget the loneliness and anxiety that comes with this type of lifestyle. This is exactly why Murray believed in nature-filled travel. It’s a way to get outside of the stressful urban life and ground yourself.

“Murray argued that American cities were disease-ridden and filled with pressures that created “an intense, unnatural and often fatal tension” in their unhappy denizens.”

Those who live in big cities live too preoccupied, always worrying about the next time and trying to be one step ahead. If you’ve ever been to a city like New York or Chicago, you’ll notice someone might bump into you accidentally and keep going as if nothing happened. Most residents live in their own little bubble, barely paying attention to their surroundings. Many of them live a very stagnant, routine-based life, which makes you lose focus and appreciation on the little things in life. I’m not trying to say everyone who resides in a major city lives like this, but it’s definitely common. Yes, living in such a place does have many wonderful benefits, but many people tend to over-romanticize this lifestyle, forgetting all consequences it comes with. Especially, living too preoccupied to focus on the small details that make us happy.