About Me


Hi! My name is Vanessa Sousa and I am a freshman at American University. I am currently majoring in CLEG which is an interdisciplinary study specific to American University which encompasses the subjects of Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government. Along with my plans to receive a BA in CLEG, I am also a part of an exclusive and competitive 15 credit program to receive an Advanced Leadership Studies certificate consistent with research on certain either local, national or global issues in conjunction with social action projects.

I am a first-generation college student whose parents immigrated to the great state of New Jersey, United States as young adults searching for the American Dream. Coming to this country, with a few hundred dollars in their back pocket and an English Dictionary, they instilled qualities of determination, fight, and motivation within me like a flame that constantly glows. Therefore, my parent’s evident American nationalism and fight for their rights and privileges have been passed down to me resulting in my drive to make America even better than it was yesterday in areas of public policy and economics.

Therefore, during my time at American University, I desire to not only create social, political and economic connections within the classroom but will also organize and participate in outreach. Staring at the drawing board, discovering and analyzing inequalities and prejudices within society and then going out into the community and getting your hands messy, I believe, is the most effective way to develop the most optimal solutions.

As a result, I am currently an opinion columnist, concentrated in current events, for American University’s newspaper, The Eagle, to inform my fellow classmates, have them react and reflect on the material and then go out and make change. I am also a crisis analyst for the United Nations Security Council for American University’s annual AmeriMUNC in which I can help facilitate the creation of solutions for international cooperation. Along the Model UN strand, I currently work as a Workshop Facilitator for the Public Speaking Crisis and am a Simulation Crisis Facilitator for AU’s Washington International Relations Conference (WIRC), a Model UN training conference for students that cannot normally immerse themselves into Model UN due to its associated expenses.

I also am currently working on tutoring children in inner-city DC middle schools in both areas of math and reading with an organization called DC Reads. I also hope to reach children who may have a language barrier as I am fluent in Portuguese and conversational in Spanish and also understand the frustrations associated with this barrier after growing up with parents who slowly learned the complexities of English.

I am not simply an idealist, as ideas only go so far. I do not dare to dream, as it is my right to dream. I stand up, object, promote as that is how change is enacted. Change is now and now is always. So, let’s get to work!

The next few tabs, which include my resume and work sample, go further into depth about my passions, interests and previous/current activities. Enjoy!