My Reflection Page


-My overall research project idea was to learn about the challenges that international students in the USA were facing. As I am also an international student in America, this topic felt very relevant to me. Even though I have not experienced major difficulties in adapting to a new environment when I came to USA, I got to witness my international friends struggling in their freshman year first-handedly. As a result, my purpose of conducting this research project was to help my fellow incoming international students in the upcoming years to have an easier adaptation period.

-To be able to communicate and learn about the various challenges that my international friends faced once again reminded me how important it is to focus on this topic and help international students to experience the college life in the same way everyone else does.
-I am glad to have a chance to contribute to this increasing problem. I believe that in the upcoming years, our university will consider that international students are coming from a totally different cultural background and their expectations might not be the same with their peer US-citizen students.