About Me

About Me:

My name is Brady Ferguson and I am a current freshmen at American University in Washington DC. I am a student in the School of Public Affairs looking to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a possible minor in Communications. I am also a member of the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program where I am studying Advanced Leadership. I am originally from Douglassville, Pennsylvania, and I looked to Washington DC as my location for college as an outlet to express my political ideologies and obtain a degree in the city where my studies are practiced regularly.

My life has consisted primarily of community service, and I have served the people of my community in a variety of different ways. I have joined clubs within my school that focus on community service such as Key Club and Connections, which looks to integrate members of the autistic community into the everyday life of a high schooler. I have also completed community service work outside of my school with organizations such as Aidan’s Avengers, which is a non-profit for childhood brain cancer research, as well as Shirts For Change, which is another non-profit group that has designed and sold shirts advocating for the Black Lives Matter movement, and the proceeds were donated to charities regarding the movement.

I am eager to make my mark at American University and in Washington DC. My goal is to get heavily involved in my school as well as participate in the heavy political environment of the city. I am hoping to sharpen my leadership skills and grow my passion for civil service to obtain a job in campaign management or political journalism.