What Happened to the Tea Party?

This is a research paper for my Government 310 class, that I took over the summer. I tracked several prominent Tea Party Leaders and determined where they were today, largely in comparison to the new wave of Trump populism.


Grace Napolitano Research 

Here I did research for my Government 210 class, Political Power and American Public Policy. I was assigned Grace Napolitano (Dem from CA-32). I was tasked to write about her district, and Rep. Napolitano’s actions in her committees helped her district. I focused on condensed and effective writing, as the assignment had a three page maximum.


Final Writing 105

This was my final paper in my writing class. It has much more flowery language, and literary devises. The topic is over extending suffrage to 16 year olds. While this is not my personal belief, it was important to understand their point of view and practice crafting an argument.

Letter of Recommendation Daniel Gade

This is my letter of recommendation from the Daniel Gade for Senate campaign. On the campaign, I called voters, and worked fundraising rallies (collecting the donations and helping donors fill out donation forms).