iGen Reboot

The iGen: the most diverse and transformational generation in U.S. history who have literally had the world at their fingertips since birth, reportedly have been experiencing multiple crises. Recently, they have been getting closer attention from psychologists and journalists trying to identify the crises and find remedies. Can they do that without asking the iGens to participate in problem-solving? Do the iGens know what obstacles they are facing? Do they know their learning potential? In this course, students will (1) learn about diverse perspectives and reflect on intergenerational understanding through “texts” and conversations with guest speakers, (2) identify and explain the challenges for the iGen/Generation Z via existing case studies, observation and primary data gathering, (3) develop viable strategies in the final project for removing such obstacles, and (4) recognize the potentials of this generation so that they become as empowered learners: more resilient creating a ripple effect among their peers. This is an interactive course built on the design thinking process to find ways in order to become a “woke” iGen in every aspect.

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