Complex Problems Seminars

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iGen Reboot

The iGen: the most diverse and transformational generation in U.S. history who have literally had the world at their fingertips since birth, reportedly have been experiencing multiple crises. Recently, they have been getting closer attention from psychologists and journalists trying […]

Being Indigenous

Indigenous peoples persist in spite of concerted efforts to exterminate them across many centuries to the present day. What does it mean to be an indigenous person in a society that is built on your erasure? This course explores this […]

Is Feminism Dead?

Donald Trump shocked the political establishment, the pollsters, and the pundits when he defeated Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College in 2016. The loss would have been demoralizing in its own right for people excited by the possibility of breaking […]


Everyone wants to be happy, but what exactly is happiness and how is it attained? In our relativistic age, many people think that happiness is purely subjective and entirely relative to each individual. Moreover, our awareness that different cultures and […]

Living as a Digital Citizen

 Digital citizenship broadly describes what it means to live in our networked world. The Internet fundamentally improves the economic and social life of those who gains access, but every click also leaves a trace of our digital footsteps. This course […]

Act Like a Man

This course examines the search for and performance of ideal models of American manhood on theatrical, political, and social stages. Through investigating gender theory and masculinity studies, reading and analyzing plays, viewing theatrical productions and films, unpacking political posturing, and […]

Jihad: From the Caliphate to ISIS

No Islamic concept has generated as much disagreement and as many questions as jihad, a concept that is now in common use in Western media and literature. What exactly does jihad mean? Jihad has been often equated with arbitrary violence, […]