About Me

Emma Lovato was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado and is a second year undergraduate student at the American University in the College of Arts and Sciences, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, as well as a certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies from the School of Public Affairs.

In her first year with the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program, Emma worked alongside a group of her peers to better understand how school districts design and implement sex education curricula and how such curricula can impact the health and wellness of LGBTQ+ students. Her group found that limited reliable information was being made available to students and that a lack of representation for diverse identities negatively impacted students as they approached adulthood. Her group then decided to implement a social action project designing a comprehensive and inclusive sex education curriculum and distributed it to school districts.

In her second year with the program, Emma is independently researching what barriers are affecting swim lesson participation and how those barriers impact children who are racial or ethnic minorities and children from low income backgrounds. The remainder of her research this semester will focus on understanding how to increase participation in swim lessons for minority populations, and what local recreation programs can do to increase accessibility.

In addition to her research, Emma is a teaching assistant for the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program where she is currently guiding a group of first-year students through the research process, as well as assisting them in their acclimation to college and life in Washington, DC.

Outside of the Leadership Program, Emma is the Head Lifeguard for American University Recreational Sports and Fitness, and she teaches swim lessons for the Nation’s Capitol Swim Club. When she’s not busy at the pool, or with SPA Leadership, Emma loves to read and bake.

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