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The Eagle Quill

The following are links to a few stories that I wrote for my high school newspaper, The Eagle Quill

Colorado teachers’ rally leads to school cancellations

Cherry Creek School District Superintendent announces retirement

Bond could make CCSD money

Common Application Essay

The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success. Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience? 

Design Samples

Eaglecrest High School Literary Magazine 2017-2018

Out on a Limb publishes once yearly and is an anthology of artwork and literature provided by Eaglecrest students. After the faculty adviser retired in 2017 and the magazine lost the staff and support it previously had, I took on the role of Editor-in-Chief as a personal project with the help of two English teachers. We were able to completely redesign, and build the foundation of what will hopefully be another decade of Out on a Limb.