About Me

Hello, reader! My name is Ophelia Markle and I am a sophomore at AU. I am a Political Science major and I am perusing a major in French language. I am originally from living in Omaha, NE. I have been living in the D.C. area since the Spring of 2021 and so far have felt very at-home in the city! It’s a true joy to be on this campus.

Repping my state at the World War II Memorial.

My professional ambitions are both lofty and diverse. While my main focus is Political Science, I have many varying interests which I believe can operate compatible in a professional setting. Among these interests are history, literature, foreign language, writing, activism, philanthropy, and of course leadership studies.

I have always been quite fond of school, and am always seeking a more challenging academic experience. I am always striving for academic success. I do plan to attend graduate school, most likely outside of the States, immediately following my graduation from AU in May 2024. Although I’m sure an undergraduate education would be sufficient to support my idealized career path, I am privy to the belief that one can never be “too educated” and, as long as I am able, I would like to reach the highest level of education and earn my PhD.

I am incredibly passionate about environmental issue as well. I have an environmental designer as a big-sister, so she has passed down much wisdom. Last academic year, I was lucky enough to be in the Environment and Sustainability action group. We held a virtual seminar during the pandemic on urban gardening that was a wild success, and I have never had so much fun while learning so much and making an impact on an issue I care about!

I believe my greatest strengths are writing, public speaking, and rhetorical manipulation. More abstractly, I think I am gifted both in assertiveness and communicability; Meaning, while I think of myself as someone who is able to lead and center a group of people, I am also able to understand and empathize well with the interests and ambitions of others. I’d like to focus on these strengths as I work with the SPA Leadership program in order to enhance my own leadership abilities, while holding with equal consideration, the needs and interests of others.