Photo Series

I was trying to capture the concept of Pakistan’s culture through the lens of art and architecture. Since my topic was so broad, I felt that it’s near impossible to find one image that tells a whole story. Each image in my photo series represents a concept of Pakistan’s culture, we can see stories, vibrant colors, and symbolism through art. Pakistan’s culture isn’t represented by one society, it’s a bunch of societies together that make Pakistan. In terms of visual elements, I tried to incorporate all the elements; color, visual appeal, and depth through the art. For example: I  zoomed into parts of my image to really capture the symbolism behind the piece.

Photo Series V1 PDF


Going back to my concept of showing Pakistani art culture, I wanted to target colors in relation to art, vibrant art in Pakistan. While in my first photo series, I do emphasize uniqueness and diversity in different mediums of art. I felt that the vibrant colors in the pictures were not as visible as I would have liked to have. To fix this I changed the contrast, saturation, and brightness of some of the pictures, creating that colorful festive mood that we Pakistani’s like to share. I hand-picked pictures that I felt emphasized color and culture. The sequence does not imply a story, it’s focused on themes and ideas of what encompasses Pakistan. I wanted to focus on contrast, patterns, and balance rather than a story. 

Photo Series V2