Giovanni Gutierrez is a Policy, Politics & Law Scholar at American University’s School of Public Affairs. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law & Society with a concentration in Criminology. Giovanni Gutierrez is expected to graduate in May 2022 as part of his Policy, Politics & Law Cohort. He is part of American University’s SPA Leadership Program where he seeks a certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies. He is part of the Racial Injustice Cohort which led the Resisting Recidivism: A Collect Effort Project.

Gutierrez is originally from Lima, Peru. He first immigrated to the United States in kindergarten and then went back to Peru. He came back in seventh grade and lived in Rockville, Maryland. He graduated from Rockville High School with both a High School Diploma and an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and received a Maryland Certificate of Merit for outstanding grades. He was his school-wide Student Government Secretary, President of Rockville for Change – a club that advocated for social change in the school and county, and a Minority Scholars Program Founder, a club that strengthened and represented racial minorities’ voices. He was also the Director of Communications at a county organization, Montgomery County Students for Change, which tackles challenging intersectional issues within our generation as a collective student force.

Gutierrez has a strong background in gun violence prevention. He interned at Guns Down America, a non-profit working for a future with fewer guns by weakening the gun industry, weakening the gun lobby, and fighting against corrupt NRA-paid politicians. Gutierrez created and edited social media material for the successful Walmart Must Act Campain which concluded in multiple megastores forbidding open carry in their stores, halting ammunition sales, and decreasing gun sales. He also created phonebanks for the Business Must Act Campaign and helped launch the campaign. Gutierrez also served as the Social Media Deputy Director for March for Our Lives DC and was an outstanding leader at MoCo Students for Change where he organized a walkout calling on politicians to vote on S.42, the Background Check Expansion Act in the Spring of 2019.

Giovanni Gutierrez is also passionate about electing Democratic candidates to Congress. In October of 2018, he canvassed for Marc Elrich and helped him achieve his election for County Executive in Montgomery County. In the Summer of 2019, Gutierrez became a Fellow at Democracy Summer. He canvassed for Elizabeth Guzman and Hala Ayala, two Latina women running for reelection in Virginia. He also phone banked for Elizabeth Guzman and Dan McCready from North Carolina. Gutierrez also worked with AU Students for Bernie Sanders in 2020.