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ModPod Acquisition Incentive

Helping ModPod become profitable within the first 3-5 years and pitch a unique acquisition incentive.

Brand Analysis – Final Report

Brand Analysis Project in PDF

For my Principles of Marketing class, we had to pretend that we landed a job as an assistant to a brand manager. Our boss, Miranda Priestly, wanted to make sure your company’s brand is remaining competitive, so we had to review all publicly available information related to our focal brand and the product category, (b) prepare a detailed analysis of our focal brand and product category, and (c) make three recommendations to improve our focal brand’s competitive position based on the findings of your research. My focal brand was Logan’s Roadhouse.

Legal Research Paper – Writing Sample

In my Business Law class, we had to write a legal research paper on a topic of our choice. I chose to discuss the dangers of employer-mandated arbitration and how this impacts the relationship between employer and employee, putting employees in an extremely vulnerable position. 

Facial Recognition at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Facial Recognition at JPMorgan Chase & Bank in PDF

My group members and I presented to JPMorgan Chase & Co. on the implementation of facial recognition software into bank ATMs as an additional multi-factor authorization process for our final presentation in our Edge of Information Technology class. Each year millions of Americans fall prey to various types of fraud including identity fraud and ATM fraud. By accessing another person’s bank account through an ATM, it opens the door for more illegal activity such as bank hacking and data breaches. Our presentation covered the basics of facial recognition software and its growing uses. We addressed the big problem and our solutions to help solve the problem. Next, we discussed the impact of implementing our solution, and lastly, we discussed the financial numerics to further support our solution. While not formally presented, the appendices were used to provide further detailed information on how the finances were calculated and any remaining information important to the main presentation. 

Our project helped me improve my communication, and presentation skills. We conducted extensive research for this assignment. I researched, learned, and compared different data sources describing facial recognition technology and how ATMs could conduct facial recognition in detail. This project also enhanced my communication skills as we thoroughly prepared for our presentation. We had to make sure that our presentation flowed well and that all parts of our presentation made sense and were cohesive. At some point, we realized that two of us were describing the same software. Nevertheless, we worked this out to make sure the information was not repetitive. We had a Kogod School of Business Peer Consultant come in and judge our presentation. She reminded me to smile and seem enthusiastic during my presentation because, at the end of the day, we want to be enthusiastic about selling our product. I reminded my peers to adjust their lighting, slow down when they speak, and additional recommendations to improve our presentation. They also encouraged me to take more pauses. Our hard work and cooperation helped us become the Runner-Up group in the Kogod School of Business Semi-Annual Emerging Technology Cup.

Leadership Policy Memo

Leadership Policy Memo in PDF

This Policy Memo was for my Leadership Development Lab II. I researched the topic of violent resistance and police brutality in an oppressive state. This assignment improved my time-management and networking skills. There was plenty of information to draw from regarding the topic of violence. Some information was helpful to my research whereas other parts were too broad. I also had to decide what to include in my research and what to focus on.  I had to find the sweet spot between discussing police brutality and violent resistance. Though it was hard to explain one without the other, I had to remind myself what my research was focused on and that I could not research every argument to this. I struggled to meet research deadlines and even struggled to keep my presentation under five minutes. However, I reflected on what I could improve in terms of time-management after this project. I networked with an AU professor and a U of Michigan professor. They both talked to me for about an hour each and explained their rationale for violent resistance and police reform. At first, I was scared to reach out to experts and explain my research to them, but I became very comfortable after my first interview and carried the second interview well. 


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