About Me


Greg Pelletier is a student in the School of Public Affairs at American University, and a proud graduate of Pomperaug High School. He is currently an interdisciplinary studies major, focusing on communication, legal institutions, economics, and government (CLEG.) Greg exhibits a passion for public policy and national security.

Before attending American University Greg was an engaged member and captain of his high school’s debate team. He frequently planned, advised, and taught younger students about rhetorical strategies. Greg values communication and diplomacy, and continued his work with other students at annual Harvard Model United Nation summits. Each year the school’s delegation would represent a randomly selected country and create policy alongside students from across the world. Greg has made it his mission to spread inclusitivity at his high school. He dedicated credit hours to volunteering in the Pomperaug Learning Center for special education students. Through his involvement at the Learning Center as well as his participation in Unified Sports, Greg attempted to make his learning environments more accepting and welcoming to all students.¬†Activities such as these have developed Greg’s skill set, which is founded on communication, teamwork, and open-mindedness.

At American University Greg has explored his passion for public policy through coursework, internships, and on-campus involvement. Courses such as American Power and Public Policy have introduced him into the public policy process, and summer internships at his local Town Hall and the State of Connecticut Republican Headquarters have provided him a first-hand look at how policy impacts real people. On campus, Greg is a proud member and teaching assistant in the SPA Leadership Program. He has completed a year-long research and action project regarding chronic health conditions in 2019 and is currently planning a project surrounding disabled veterans for 2020!

Outside of the classroom, Greg is also an avid outdoors man. He is an accomplished Eagle Scout with seven years of service. While in scouting Greg engaged in various leadership roles, ranging from leading small groups of scouts, to the entire troop of sixty teens at summer outings. He is an experienced hiker, and has visited National Landmarks across the country, such as the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park.

Through Greg’s studies in college and internship opportunities¬†in the Washington, D.C. area he hopes to polish his skill set and expand his knowledge for government and policy. Greg strives for a career of public service where he can continue to help others.