Sample Cover Letter

Gregory M. Pelletier

4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20016

(203) 558-3472 ·


Office of U.S. Senator Chris Murphy

ATTN: Internship Coordinator

136 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510


Dear Internship Coordinator:

As a Connecticut resident for my entire life and as a first-year student at American University, studying communications, law, economics, and government (CLEG), I am writing to you to apply for the summer internship in the office of U.S. Senator Christopher Murphy. I have many career interests, but am focusing my education on national security, public health, and economics. This internship with my home senator who has a passion for the same issues as me, would be an inspiring learning and experience opportunity for me as an undergraduate student. I hope my communication, interpersonal, and software skills can benefit Senator Christopher Murphy’s goals in the United States Senate.

I believe my previous experience at my local town hall and my skills as a writer and a researcher have prepared me to benefit Senator Murphy as a legislative intern. Whether it is designing marketing tools through online sites, or using unfamiliar software, I am adaptable and can use technology effectively. Furthermore, I am currently a student in the School of Public Affairs and have experience writing memo and policy outlines as well as academic essays. All of these require a great deal of research, which I gather from online resources such as ProQuest, JSTOR, and GALE. Classes such as Introduction to Systems of Justice and Introduction to CLEG have offered me experience in analyzing and drafting legislative memos as well as implementing different writing styles and research techniques that I can use as an intern.

Throughout my life, my interpersonal skills have always been a strength of mine. I have worked in the retail sector where customer service and communication skills are essential. I have also work as an intern in my local tax collector’s office, where my duty was to interact with about 50 residents a day and collect or distribute bills. In school, I am currently a student in the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program where I evaluate leadership strengths and work together with a small group to create a policy-based capstone project. I have always been eager to work alongside new people and I am adaptable to almost any situation. In high school, I worked for our school’s Special Education Extended School Year Program where I assisted students with disabilities and instructed them on everyday social skills. Experiences such as these have made communication and working with others a strength of mine, which is needed to work with other interns and staff in Senator Murphy’s office and to communicate with his Connecticut constituents.

I have enclosed my resume for you to review. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments through the contact listed above. Thank you for your consideration.



Gregory Pelletier

Gregory Pelletier’s Sample Cover Letter