Cover letter

Jingyi Ding  September 4, 2018

4440 Willard Ave, Chevy Chase,MD,20815 | 202-765-8815

Medical Science & Computing

11300 Rockville Pike, Suite 1100

Rockville, MD 20852

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you to apply my knowledge as a laboratory technician at the Medical Science & Computing (MSC) to provide support to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). At American University, I am currently a 4th Year student studying Biology in the School of Art and Science. I am passionate about life science and have a particular interest in developmental biology and cell biology. As a senior who had completed a variety of quantitative and qualitative lab experiences, I believe that I could make a significant contribution to the company.

As a fourth-year student at American University, I have gained a lot of experience writing and researching, and also with working in a very people-oriented environment. I have completed courses including general biology, general chemistry, cell biology, genetics, developmental biology, marine biology, and biotechnology. I have also performed a wide variety of lab procedures and techniques including cell culture, quantitative PCR, DNA analysis, DNA isolation, DNA purification, DNA sequencing, protein analysis, RNA isolation associated with those courses. I was able to use these skills as a lab assistant in DR. Krogan’s lab on the campus. During my time as a research assistant, I had the chance to perform lab procedures including PCR, gel electrophoresis, DNA amplification independently. I have a strong background in interpretation, evaluation, and discussion of the results of each experiment, and present these finding in individual weekly meetings with supervisor as well as lab group meetings.

I am independent but also have the ability to work effectively as a team member, and I enjoy sharing my passion for biology. Most importantly, I am always willing to learn. During my time in D.C., I have strengthened my passion for biological studies and research. I believe that my experience, knowledge, and passion for biological sciences and laboratory works will provide a valuable asset to your team.

My enclosed resume expands on my relevant academics, campus involvement, and work experiences. I can be reached at Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jingyi Ding